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Art at Toronto International Film Fest!

The Toronto International Film Festival opens on September 9 and goes until the 19th.

An image by artist Douglas Gordon. Image: ursusbooks.com

This year, the buzz is bigger than ever, with TIFF’s new building downtown that is sure revitalize King Street near John. The small, old-Toronto style strip of buildings opposite, which house mostly touristy restaurants, have become TIFF’s poor cousins. Probably not long before they’re demolished.

In any case, this year’s Future Projections program, which sees film-based installations in galleries throughout the city, has a stellar lineup of international names, including Douglas Gordon, Michael Nyman and Stan Douglas.

From Oliver Husain’s Leona Alone. Image: canadianart.ca

Another image from Leona Alone. Image: VoCA

Where are the Canadians, you ask? The promising young Toronto artist Oliver Husain is premiering his excellent work Leona Alone at Wavelengths, TIFF’s curated lineup of art film and video. We saw the piece at an exhibition last year, the Leona Drive Project, and blogged about it, with images, HERE.

Wavelengths begins today and runs through September 13. It presents six programmes featuring 36 films and videos, all screened at the AGO’s Jackman Hall.

Primrose, 1972 and Blythe, 1998 by minimalist sculptor Annie Truitt, who is featured in a film in Wavelenghts 2

I think Wavelengths 2: Plein-Air looks especially interesting. It’s playing tomorrow at 4:30. Here is a brief description:

As with painting, natural light and colour are inexhaustible sources of inspiration for film and video artists, whose plein-air shooting radically transforms our scenic views, offering a stirring ephemerality and, in some cases, a poignant intimacy.

In Vincent Grenier’s Burning Bush (Canada/U.S.A.), a virtuosic use of video sets a burning bush alight with crimson colour and spiritual flight. Kaleidoscopic colour, parenting and art-making coalesce in John Price’s domestic life frieze Home Movie (???????? ????) (Canada), an extended portrait of his children captured with an old Russian 35mm camera and a variety of expired film stock.

Ouverture (Canada/France) by Christopher Becks is a serene, yet kinetic in-camera meditation on an old barn in Normandy. Philipp Fleischmann’s Cinematographie (Austria) reinvents the filmstrip by way of an astonishing 360 degree camera obscura construction, which allows for a continuous image to emerge like a scroll. Recently blown-up to 16mm from its original super 8mm, Helga Fanderl’s intimate triptych, Portrait, Tea Time, Red Curtain (Portrait, Teetrinken, Roter Vorhang) (Germany) is a tender depiction of a love affair..

Anne Truitt, Working (U.S.A.) is a portrait of the Minimalist painter and sculptor elegantly observed by Jem Cohen. Madison Brookshire’s Color Films 1 & 2 (U.S.A.) close the programme with winsome wavelength compositions of light.

The Wavelengths Package is now on sale. Click HERE to buy tickets.

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