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Toronto Dealer Mira Godard Dies

This just in…

Toronto art dealer Mira Godard has died. Until recently, no one had reported it, but now you can read more on BlogTO HERE and at the Globe and Mail HERE.

Mira Godard. Image: torontolife.com

From the Art Dealers Association press release:

Her contribution to creating an art scene and art market in Canada cannot be underoverstated. The Mira Godard Gallery has shown some of Canada’s most important artists – Alex Colville, Christopher and Mary Pratt, David Milne, the Estate of Lawren Harris, Jean-Paul Riopelle and Joe Fafard, to name a few.

Christopher Pratt, Ice, Moon and Tanker, 2007. Image: godardgallery.com

She brought groundbreaking International exhibitions, including an important show of late Picasso paintings, and her brief relationship with the famed Marlborough Galleries made great Modern art available to Canadian collectors. She leaves behind a legacy that will be continued under the direction of Gisella Giacalone.

Joe Fafard’s public art piece, Pasture, 1985. Installed near Mies Van der Rohe’s TD Centre. Image: ourspaceyourplace.com

Sure, her Yorkville gallery was no longer at the centre of Toronto’s increasingly happening art scene, and at the centre of a few significant art wars, but it was a FANTASTIC gallery, where you could find some quite unbelievable works at unbelievably decent prices.

Click HERE for the full press release.

One Response to “Toronto Dealer Mira Godard Dies”

  1. kat Citroen says:

    Surely one of the Old Guard of Toronto Art Dealers. I remember when Art really was one of the main reasons to go to Yorkville, that and scoring dope. Aaahhhhh, the memories and the sad passing of one of the pioneers of the Yorkville Art scene. I hope her and Bill Ronald are having a Scotch on the other side.

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