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Mirror, Mirror in the Trees

Here is another example of how art and life – through design – are drawing closer together all the time. Mirror has a long history in art going back to at least the Renaissance and of course more recently the wonderful pieces by Michelangelo Pistoletto and Michael Snow, David Altmejd and Jeff Wall, among many, many others. Over the past few years, I’ve been predicting the return of mirror as a material in art, and now it’s seemingly everywhere.

Sweden’s Tree Hotel has a room called Mirrorcube. Image: geeknewscentral.com

I came across this awesome hotel room that looks very similar to one of Michel de Broin’s sculptures, his Superficial from 2004, which is essentially a large mirrored rock that he installed in a forest in Alsace, France and then documented. I love the idea of using mirror to create camouflage.

Another view of Mirrorcube. Image: fastcodesign.com

The Tree Hotel, in the village of Harads in northern Sweden, has a number of extremely unique treehouse-style rooms Their philosophy is simple: “Why not create a comfortable, well designed hotel which allows visitors to live in harmony with nature amongst the trees?” The Mirrorcube is a double room, reflected back into the forest, accessible by a robe bridge. The inspiration for the hotel came from the documentary film “Trädälskaren” (Treelover” by Jonas Selberg Augustsen. Click HERE to see some of the hotel rooms on Youtube. Read my interview with Montreal artist (and former Sobey Art Prize winner) Michel de Broin, HERE.

2004superficielle2.jpgMichel de Broin, Superficial, 2004. Image: micheldebroin.com

Incidentally, in Toronto there’s a nice mirror piece in the show of work by Montreal’s Nicolas Baier at Jessica Bradley Art & Projects. It looks like a shattered mirror, simply framed and hung on the wall, but of course it’s not. Baier took a broken mirror, scanned and printed it, ever so slightly larger, onto an unbroken mirror so that the shatter lines appear uncanny, more real than real. The show, which includes photo-based works and sculpture, is up until October 9 and is definitely worth checking out. It’s pretty elegant stuff.

Nicolas Baier, Vanités 2, 2007. Another of the artist’s ‘mirror’ works. Image: theartblog.org

4 Responses to “Mirror, Mirror in the Trees”

  1. Simon says:

    I was curious after seeing these mirror hotels in another article how they deal with birds flying into the mirrors?

  2. Andrea says:

    According to their website, they put an infrared film on the glass, which birds can see.

  3. Randy says:

    NYC artist Alyson Shotz worked with mirror camouflage a while ago to interesting effect. A couple beautiful pieces come to mind, her mirror fence:


    and a mirror suit that had a camouflage effect similar to that used in the film Predator:


    There is a video that goes along with her mirror suit…


  4. AC says:

    That is a nice mirrored fence!

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