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Nuit Blanche Preview: SMILE!

I’m not going to Nuit Blanche this year – shocking, I know.


But as we were walking along Bloor street tonight (home from the awkwardly installed exhibition of excellent works by African artist El Anatsui at the ROM) we were enveloped with the sound of a beautiful song, ‘Smile’ written by Charlie Chaplin for Modern Times, emanating from enormous speakers.


As projections of people’s smiling faces slowly appeared across the facade of department store Holt Renfrew, I realized we were witnessing testing for Monument to Smile, 2010 a project by French artist Agn├Ęs Winter that will be on view tomorrow night for Toronto’s Nuit Blanche.


Created in partnership with students from the photography program of OCAD, the piece is simply a lovely reflection of our diverse neighbourhoods, one of the city’s great strengths.

For more on the work, please click HERE. For the Nuit Blanche website, please click HERE.

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