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Loved: Guillermo Gomez-Pena & James Luna in Performance

Last night we went to a performance by Guillermo Gómez-Peña, who we had seen a few years ago at MOCCA and blogged about HERE, this time together with the American First Nations artist James Luna.

Guillermo Gomez-Pena with curator Philip Monk. Image: VoCA

La Nostalgia Remix is the last in a series of projects called The Shame-man meets El Mexican’t, “in which they challenge assumptions and lazy thinking about ethnicity and culture in our society with a strong dose of melancholic humour and sharp-edged conceptualism.”

Remix is a series of live performances that explore the cultural, symbolic and iconographic dimensions of nostalgia both on the Native American “rez” and in the Chicano “barrio.”

Luna introducing the Artifact Piece. Image: VoCA

James Luna’s recreation of Artifact Piece. Image: VoCA

The evening swung between Gomez-Pena’s pieces and works by Luna, including a reworking of the latter’s famous Artifact Piece piece from 1987, in which he lay inside a display case at the San Diego Museum of Man, surrounded by some of his belongings, legal papers and labels describing his scars. James Luna has been described as “a visionary, a truth teller, a romantic, and a hanging judge.” – Read more from that essay, by Paul Chaat Smith, HERE.

Gomez-Pena’s piece recalled his earlier MOCCA performance, but was no less powerful, at one point involving members from the audience including AGYU York University gallery director/curator Philip Monk (photo above).

Gomez-Pena faces a blonde. Image: VoCA

Image: VoCA

The evening also involved Rebecca Belmore, the First Nations artist who is currently involved in a deplorable legal suit with her former dealer, Pari Nadimi, and who recently yelled “I quit!” after a Vancouver performance. She recreated her cry last night, echoed by Luna’s statement “She’ll be back”, to a round of applause.

The cast receives a long round of applause. Image: VoCA

Read more on Guillermo Gomez-Pena and La Pocha Nostra HERE, and the Toronto Free Gallery, that co-presented the event, HERE.

ImagineNATIVE Film & Media Arts Festival, which ran from October 20-24, HERE.

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