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Art Meets Fashion – Jeremy Laing Curates!

Fashion designer Jeremy Laing, it turns out, is also an avid art collector.

Jeremy Laing’s exhibition. Sign by Derek Sullivan. Image: VoCA

I discovered this on Saturday of the Toronto International Art Fair, when I led a tour for the Canadian Art Foundation’s young patron group, the New Contemporaries, and Laing took the time to show us around the installation that he curated.

Neon diamonds by Luis Jacob, and a rack with Oliver Husain’s silk scarves. Image: VoCA

It was called Everything Must Go, the idea of which was to conflate the lingo of bargain basement sales with a survey of some of Canada’s brightest young things (many of whom are Laing’s friends. He often trades his garments for art, he told us.)

Douglas Coupland’s installation of coloured thread. Image: VoCA

The aesthetic of the work – actually, the entire exhibition – was a little Neo-pop, with Young and Giroux, two sculptors who make (post) modern sculpture using IKEA furniture and Douglas Coupland, with his multicoloured spools of thread.

Works by General Idea. Image: VoCA

There was a fantastic display case of work by Canadian art godfathers General Idea, a cute piece of painted silk scarves (to be framed or worn) hanging on a dollar store rack by VoCA favorite Oliver Husain, and the wittily designed signage – and ironic flyer – was by artist Derek Sullivan.

A maquette of In Sit You, by Jennifer Marman and Daniel Borins. Image: VoCA

The work was all available for sale at galleries who were at the fair. None of it, as far as I know, was from Laing’s own personal collection.

3 Responses to “Art Meets Fashion – Jeremy Laing Curates!”

  1. emelie says:

    hey andrea
    I am just wondering if you came to see voca’s favourite Oliver Husain’s silk scarves in his solo exhibition at AGYU last January??

  2. Andrea says:

    Hi Emelie,
    I didn’t, unfortunately. I don’t get up to AGYU nearly as much as I should – you guys do such incredible work – the Kristan Horton show, the excellent Borins/Marman show…

    I really enjoyed Oliver Husain’s video with the stained glass in it though.

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