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Theartmarket.ca – A Game Changer?

I just got a press release from theartmarket.ca, a newly launched website that bills itself as “a game changer”.

Image: VoCA

The idea, conceived by two friends, Merete Kristiansen and Kate Barron of Vancouver, is to provide “an innovative and comprehensive guide to the Canadian art world”, by hosting free profiles of artists, galleries and related events.I hope that they get things rolling soon.

With a name like The Art Market, they’ll really have their work cut out to feature what’s happening across the country. I know, because that’s pretty much what VoCA set out to do four years ago.

On the site you will find a searchable database, which will presumably soon be filled with, as they say, profiles for artists, arts organizations and their events. Their release may have been a little premature, though. I searched “installation” “conceptualism” for the years 2000-2010 and it came up with… nothing.

And then I searched “artist profiles” under ‘a’, ‘b’ and ‘c’ and it came up with…nothing.

Then I searched “galleries” under “painting” from “$5,000-$9,999″ and got…nothing.

That said, it appears to be a well-meaning initiative. We can always use another online resource when it comes to contemporary Canadian art. Especially one from Vancouver.

Give it some time, then check out the site HERE.

Oh – Artists and galleries can also create a profile on theartmarket.ca and follow theartmarket.ca on Facebook and Twitter (@theartmarket_ca).

7 Responses to “Theartmarket.ca – A Game Changer?”

  1. Sara says:

    I think this site is cool – I feel awkward going into high-end galeries, because I can’t afford anything. Also…I just searched “galleries” under “painting” “$5,000-$9,999″ and I got 3 results: bau-xi, madrona, and the art emporium…not bad for a website that’s been our less than 1 day. If this site does what they promise it’s going to be very cool!

  2. P says:

    I´ve already made my profile, added an event, and stepped my foot into the Canadian Art world. This is the start of something great!

  3. Amie says:

    The site looks good. I tried making a profile as well and there were a few problems I ran into but nothing big. I am excited to see how this site will develop in the near future.

  4. Zeke says:


    Ummm, sorry to burst a bubble. But it is kind of difficult to be a ‘game changer’ when there are a gazillion other websites doing the same thing.

    Some that immediately come to mind are:
    http://www.artandculture.com/ and

    All of which ignore the basic fact that most artists make art and do not dabble on the internet 24/7.

  5. Kristyna says:

    haha you would have been great giving Mark Zuckerberg advice – don’t bother there’s a gazillion other sites Mark…you’ll never make money!

    the reason facebook succeeded is the same reason this site might – they’ve taken the best of the worst and added (and are promising) to add even more…I like it. Also, its good healthy marketplace competition.

  6. Andrea says:

    A friend on Twitter suggested that this is a more interesting model: http://www.artallies.com/

    And is regional, which is interesting, I think and maybe more feasible.

    Your thoughts?

  7. Nicholas Brown says:

    When someone calls themselves a “game changer” I stop paying attention. It sounds like some douchebag from the apprentice, not someone I would want to trust with my gallery’s reputation. There’s a difference between a sales pitch and a public mandate. And Sara, I’m sorry but do you work for this website? If not you should charge for your services.

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