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Meanwhile, in Montreal…

Three artists – all women – have been awarded prizes by the City of Montreal.

Alana Riley, At the Blackwatch, 2004-2007. Image: redbull381projects.com

Alana Riley is an artist whose work I’ve been keeping an eye on.  She has won the Prix Pierre-Ayot, which is presented by the city in collaboration with the Art Dealers Association (AGAC), to an artist under the age of 35.

Riley, who is represented by Joyce Yahouda Gallery, receives $5000, plus $500 to go toward an exhibition of her work, and the City of Montreal will acquire one of her works.

The award was presented by Madame Helen Fotopulos, who is responsible for the culture, patrimony, design and the ‘feminine condition’. The prizes may not be much compared to the $50,000 Sobey, but you’ve got to love Quebec for supporting its women artists. (Though there were many women among the finalists, the competition was not exclusively female.)

Valerie Blass, She was a big success, 2009. Image: ratsdeville.com

The glass artist Karina Guévin will receive the Prix Francois-Houde, which awards her $5,000, plus an exhibition organized by the galerie CREA-Metiers d’art contemporain, and the City of Montreal will choose a selection of objects from the work of the finalists. Check out her website HERE.

Works by the sculptor Valerie Blass. Image: boldongrey.at.

Valerie Blass at work. Image: cyberpresse.ca

The third prize, the Prix Louis-Comtois goes to mid-career (and super-hot) sculptor Valerie Blass, who receives $7500 plus $2500 to put on a solo exhibition of her work, and the acquisition of one of her sculptures by the City of Montreal.

Blass is represented by Parisian Laundry, in Montreal.

For more on the prizes, please click HERE.

2 Responses to “Meanwhile, in Montreal…”

  1. Bill says:

    I’m with you on Alana Riley. There was a neat video by her at Yahouda during their “Extreme Painting” show this past fall. I found it quite hypnotic even though it was just an overhead tracking shot of a woman mopping a floor!

  2. Raven says:

    I am glade a sculptor won the prize Louis-Contois
    Le parcour d un sculpteur est toujour plus dificile que celui d un peintre.


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