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3 New Galleries: Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver

There’s a lot of movement in the Canadian art scene, with galleries opening (and closing) regularly in Toronto alone, so here are three from across Canada that I think are worth a visit.

One of Nicholas Galanin’s book sculptures. Image: nippertown.com

1. In Vancouver, Trench Gallery has recently opened – in the former Helen Pitt Gallery space – with a small, eclectic roster of artists: Jen Aitken, Nicholas Galanin, Dougal Graham (whose work I remember from Artcore in the early 2000s), Amy Mukai, Sara Robichaud, the late Vancouver painter Ron Stonier, Carrie Walker and Max Wyse.

Max Wyse, Untitled, 2008. Image: canadianart.ca

Read more about the gallery in THIS article.

2. In Toronto, there’s the quirkily named Telephone Booth Gallery in the Junction neighbourhood.

They opened in September, and show young artists – but also craftspeople and designers – like Shuyu Lu, who makes small embroideries that conflate her experiences in Toronto with her identity as born and raised Chinese.

Their next exhibition, Conference Call, will feature work by Noelle Hamlyn – (who had a lovely installation at last year’s young design expo Come Up To My Room at the Gladstone Hotel – Kim Harcourt, Linda Martinello and Matthew Tarini. Check out Noelle Hamlyn’s Hudson’s Bay coat made from tea bags:

Noelle Hamlyn’s jacket made of tea bags. Image: noellehamlyn.com

Hamlyn’s hand embroidered gampi tissue paper. Image: velvethighway.com

The show opens December 1 and continues until January 8.

There’s more info on the gallery’s website HERE.

3. In Montreal, there’s Occurrence: Espace d’art et d’essai contemporains, which is not new at all, but is new to me.

Francis Montillaud, Faux Fini: Le Reflet. Image: occurrence.ca

They are showing two exhibitions from December 4 to January 22. Work by Montrealers Francis Montillaud and Clement de Gaulejac, as well as a photographic book launch called Les Lieux-Valises [Trois Cahiers] by Eve Cadieux.

Montillaud’s Faux Fini: Le Reflet is taken from the video work Faux Fini, which has already been shown across Canada, and deals with narrative themes that develop out of an English lesson. The installation Le Reflet takes this further, by brining the characters from the video into the gallery space in a way that references theatre, film, communication and publicity.

Watch some of Montillaud’s videos HERE

De Gaulejac’s post-conceptual installation 3 Canons is in three parts: les drapeaux de Buren – a video, Fonds – paintings, and a selection of drawings from his newly published book Livre Noir de l’Art Conceptuel. Check out his website, HERE.

Visit the gallery’s website, HERE.

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  1. Elli Davis says:

    Great tips, thanks a lot. Since I live in Toronto I am definitely visiting Telephone Booth Gallery – cannot wait to see Hamlyn’s works live. In the pictures they shine with pure beauty and some kind of fragility.

  2. i have 2 miniature water colors with hand made frames by w.m. Mitchel 1941 street in Algiers. and second one is a church with a steeple and a cross white picket fence hand carved frame. i want to know how to put them up for auction. or what is their value. thank you if you reply

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