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“The Picasso of Canada” – Harold Town

There’s an interesting exhibition on at Toronto’s Christopher Cutts Gallery, of works by the late, famously prolific Harold Town.

Town was a member of Canada’s Painters Eleven (more HERE), Canada’s best known group of abstract painters – circa 1953.

The exhibition is of Town’s Snap paintings from the 1970s. The works definitely have that 70s vibe, with textured earth tones in oil with Lucite on canvas and were made by snapping a string that had been drenched in paint, onto a canvas.

Many of them are, to my eye, quite unattractive, but here are some of the better ones:

Harold Town, In Memory of Emilio del Junco. Image: Cuttsgallery.com

Snap #56. Image: Cuttsgallery.com

Snap #84. Image: Cuttsgallery.com

Snap #66. Image: Cuttsgallery.com

More info on the show, which is on from December 15th – January 29th (with catalogue), is available HERE

One Response to ““The Picasso of Canada” – Harold Town”

  1. Fredericks says:

    oh yes, I am sure that you’re right Andrea, about a lot of the works being unattractive. From my perspective, a lot of artists, slid a long way on marginal skills painting as abstractionists.

    A good posting with soom good pictures featured.

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