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Bing Thom & The Rubell Collection, in…Washington?

I was impressed by the Vancouver architect Bing Thom, who I heard speak last week at the Sustainable Suburbs conference in Toronto.

Vancouver architect Bing Thom. Image: vancouverism.ca

Thom’s Arena Stage at the Mead Centre for American Theatre. Image: archdaily.com

Not only has Thom just designed an improbably well-received Arena Stage at the Mead Centre for American Theatre in Washington D.C., which encases the original brutalist architecture very elegantly, he has just received a commission from Miami mega-collectors Don and Mera Rubell.

The new gallery and mixed-use development is to be set on the site of an abandoned school, and will presumably house part of the 1500-piece Rubell Family Collection.

Bing Thom’s proposed mixed-use project for the Rubells. The Perspex model is an artwork in itself. Image: archpaper.com

Don Rubell, you may know, is the brother of the late Steve Rubell, who owned the legendary New York club Studio 54. Apparently, Don and Mera – who are admiringly bold collectors – began their collection back in the 60s by putting aside small amounts of money to purchase art. Today, the collection includes work by Cindy Sherman, Damien Hirst and Jeff Koons, to name only a few. It’s open to the public and is a must-see if you are in Miami.

Jim Lambie’s Tangerine Dream at the Rubell Collection, Miami. Image: joannemattera.com

An installation by Jason Rhodes, Untitled, 2004, from the Rubell Family Collection. Image: washingtonlife.com

Thom’s model for the museum is gorgeous – though the project is still in early days, it’s expected to significantly elevate Washington’s contemporary art scene.

Check out what else Bing Thom’s studio is up to, HERE.

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