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Marshall McLuhan Speaks!

In honour of Marshall McLuhan’s 100th birthday year, a new website, Marshall McLuhan Speaks, launched today, which allows viewers to literally hear the communications guru speak, through video clips.

McLuhan’s Understanding Media. Image: canadiandesignresource.ca

In the clips, you can hear McLuhan himself on his best-known sayings, “the medium is the message”, “global village” and others. And there’s an intro by the novelist Tom Wolfe.

McLuhan’s Gutenberg Galaxy. Image: amandinealessandra.com

Interestingly, McLuhan, who studied at Cambridge and taught at the University of Toronto among other universities, had a lifelong interest in the number 3, as in the trivium – the three ways: grammar, logic and rhetoric – which he studied at Cambridge.

Check out the website – a fantastic resource – HERE.

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