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VoCA Featured in ELLE Magazine!

I’m happy to report that VoCA is featured in this month’s issue of ELLE Canada. The article on art collecting, subtitled ‘How to turn your living room into un petit Louvre’, is by Katie Addleman.

The March issue of ELLE Canada. Image: hotmags.net

In the article, she says: “A better bet is to spend on the established by still young: Though out of reach to some, they remain accessible to many others. Carson’s blog, the indefatigable art-world guide View on Canadian Art, vibrates with the names and news of such types. Among her favorites are Sarah Anne Johnson, whose photographs figure in permanent collections at the National Gallery of Canada and the Guggenheim Museum in New York; multidisciplinary artist and recent Grange Prize-winner Kristan Horton; and Shary Boyle, for whom the Art Gallery of Ontario cleared out four rooms’ worth of European art last fall, the better to accomodate her dynamic solo show.”

Full article after the jump…

Click on the thumbnails below (twice to enlarge) to read the article:

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  1. Cathi Bond says:

    This is terrific Andrea. Way to go!

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