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Artbomb! Buy what YOU love.

ATTENTION ARTISTS: I’m thrilled to announce that I’m looking for artists for a brand new art project that I’m involved with. It’s called Artbomb and it’s a daily online art auction delivered to your inbox.

Patrick Hughes, Colour Process, 1984. Image: wonderboygraphics.com
I have one of these prints for sale, incidentally.

Here’s how it works. People subscribe for free and receive a single email from us everyday from Monday to Friday. Each day a new work of art is featured, and subscribers can bid on it. If they like it, they bid and if they don’t, they don’t.

It’s simple.

It will be launching in about one month and I’m looking for ‘emerging’ artists to potentially participate. By emerging, I mean less established artists, although some established artists are welcome.

If you are are Toronto-based artist and are interested in showing your work to thousands of potential buyers, please contact me at carsonandrea@hotmail.com. I’ll answer any questions you have and send you a copy of the contract.

Send me your phone number and we’ll go from there. Our website will be up soon.

Artbomb. Buy what YOU love.

38 Responses to “Artbomb! Buy what YOU love.”

  1. mom says:

    Now you are on to something really exciting! Wonderful!

  2. The tribe is not conformist just because it’s inclusive.

    Artbomb is the realization of McLuhan quote above.

  3. my art is not to sell :)
    but i’m a artist from france do you want to learn more about my 3d isometric resume ?

  4. tom raterman says:

    Great idea…will have to see the details.

  5. Noor Suthar says:

    can you visit my blog and give me your view how can I improve my work ? I am doing wood craft and wood turning too.
    Thank you

  6. Joe Canuck says:

    Great idea! Sign me up. I have some limited prints that are moderately priced and just right for your site. See my hockey prints at http://www.joecanuck.net

    Thanks and I eagerly await your reply.

  7. very interesting, I will be watching…..just read about it in today’s paper.

  8. David says:

    Question: could you consider including metal sculpture as well in the daily auctions? If I was interested in metal sculpture, could you recommend another option to view such work? Could you add my email address to the daily email list? Thank you for your time and help. I think that this is a great idea! Sincerely, David

  9. Robert Gold says:

    I’m saving up. Toronto’s emerging artist community is the hottest on the planet. This is going to be good. Well done and congratulations. =R=

  10. …left incorrect website by accident… now corrected,….sorry

  11. Dave says:

    Do you have a Twitter feed? Can you tell us what the URL of the site will be? Thanks. Good luck!

  12. Good luck to you. I wish that such a thing existed for the hundreds of artists, emerging and emerged, outside the big city…perhaps it will catch on and on and on.
    I have sent your article to my arts organization.

  13. AC says:

    Hi Everyone,

    To subscribe, please email ARTBOMBDAILY@GMAIL.COM with the subject line ‘SUBSCRIBE’ Thanks!

  14. AC says:

    And, to SUBMIT YOUR WORK, please email me at carsonandrea@hotmail.com with ARTBOMB in the subject line.

    Thank you!

  15. Dara Aram says:

    It’s a great idea…please see my website.

  16. Happy Launch Day! I would love to be part of this. I am an emerging abstract artist so please check out my website. I would love to meet you to discuss further. Thanks Whitney

  17. This is a very interesting approach to marketing corporate art. I would love to introduce silk art painted with liquid pigment.

  18. Bizzo says:

    sent you a request to show some prints I have produced selling well here and in the UK let me know if you are interested..check out ‘fine art prints’ at website.

  19. Chelsea says:

    Hi there – just wondering if you would take submissions from artists outside of Toronto? (I am in BC)


  20. mary-ann metrick says:

    Please add me to your list. My friend gets your emails and loves them.

  21. Karen says:

    Can you please add me to your email list to receive Art Bomb info.

  22. paul says:

    I am interested in large oil or acrylic paintings (minimum 3′ X 4′) Do you have these listed on your website? If so…under which category

  23. Hi just heard your bit on the CBC and checked out this site. I am an artist in London On. Would you consider featuring some of my work? Or am I too far from Toronto?

    • Andrea says:

      Thanks for your email! Glad you enjoyed hearing about Artbomb on CBC radio.

      At the moment we are focusing on artists primarily from Toronto. This is because I do need to see the work in person before it goes up on Artbomb. Also, you will need to then take the work to our studio. If it sells, it goes to the client but if it does not sell, you would have to pick it up – ideally within a week, due to the volume of works in and out of the studio.

      If you can arrange all that, then we would be happy to consider your work. Please email me a link to your website, or alternatively clear, low res images, to submissions@artbombdaily.com

  24. I live in Nova Scotia and naturally a large part of my work
    is seascapes, harbours, ships etc., but I do landscapes and other things as well. Although I have been painting commercially for 25 years it has been as a sideline but now I am ready to go full time and get my art out to a larger audience. My work is popular and I have sold thousands of pieces to cruise ship passengers from many parts of the world. I know that I”m far from Toronto but would be willing to ship anything that you would like.I lived in Toronto for a while in the 70″s and loved to go down to city hall when they hosted outside art displays which stretched for blocks, even then Toronto was a hotbed for art. Some of my art can be seen on my blog at Ocean Vista Paintings which I am updating. Truly, Bob MacDougall

  25. Sharon (Cat) Prevette says:

    Heard you on CBC and am thrilled with this idea. I am a multimedia/m artist in rural B.C. so am waiting with baited breath for you to at least get to Vancouver! Please keep in touch. ^,,^ XOX

  26. Laurel rohne says:

    Why just Toronto area? What’s up with that? You guys in TO really aren’t the center of the universe.
    Discouraged in Alberta!!!!!!!!!

    • Andrea says:

      Haha – it’s not that we think that, at all.

      It’s that we just launched in December and want to keep it local while we get fully into the groove. Also, I need to see the work in person to ensure the quality for Artbomb.

      But keep your eyes peeled for news of a broader reach, soon.


  27. Penny Grace says:

    This is a very exciting concept. i live in Kitchener so I will be looking for announcements about Artbomb reaching other cities. It’s good to hear that one can sell one’s art without having to go to high end galleries that take huge commissions. Good luck.


  28. Murray says:

    Hey Laurel (and Andrea); Everyone knows that it’s actually Grande Prairie that’s the centre of the universe. But we still love Toronto.
    Definitely not discouraged in Alberta!!!!!

  29. I recently heard to CBC segment as well. Twice, actually. They like to repeat things. Great concept. Much luck and success with it.

  30. Gary Smith says:

    Hello Andrea,
    I wold like to participate in your Artbomb project. I am reachable easiest by email but you can leave a message on my cell at 416-910-5535

    Thank you.

  31. jean martin says:

    Great idea I am from Montreal..hope you like my work

    Jean Martin

  32. Sarah Merry says:

    Would be happy to discuss large oils (3×4′ seems the preference) – with Paul, commenter #24. Assuming a commission to Artbomb for the connection.
    Thank you,

  33. I am a Canuck who would like to take part.

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