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New Gallery: Daniel Faria opens in Toronto

“Saint Helen,” says new gallery owner Daniel Faria of the name of his opening exhibition, “is the patron saint of new discoveries.”

A fitting choice then, for his gallery – a former auto body shop, and a place where, as he points out, collectors will discover new and exciting artists.

The beautifully scripted title of Daniel’s inaugural show. All images: VoCA

It’s a beautiful space and up to the high standard of Monte Clark, in whose gallery he previously worked (eventually going into partnership with Monte) and where I met him in 2003 when we worked together in the early days of Toronto’s Distillery District.

Although I missed the opening bash, Shinan was there and so were tons of others, apparently. Dan is an excellent dealer and I know he’ll be a big success, especially with the artists that he’s already representing.

Dan Faria (right), Rui Amaral (second from right) and friends (with my dog, Hudson.)

Three gorgeous works by Kristine Moran.

There are three stunning, very large paintings by Kritstine Moran, whose work I love. Across from that is a stripey canvas by the fantastic painter Elizabeth McIntosh, (one of several) whose work I blogged about HERE, on loan from Diaz Contemporary. these are balanced by the delicate, hazy works by Shannon Bool.

A close up.

Works by Shannon Bool.

In the back room are a couple of colourful, pop-style pieces by artist/author Douglas Coupland – read my interview, HERE – who left Monte Clark Gallery to show with Daniel Faria – and who is also busy showing work with the excellent Trepanier Baier Gallery in Calgary.

Colourful pieces by Douglas Coupland.

There are also some seductive little sculptures like this cone made from plaster and graphite to look like marble, which sits on a shadow-like steel base.

A view of the front gallery.

And another.

For more information, please see the gallery’s website HERE.

3 Responses to “New Gallery: Daniel Faria opens in Toronto”

  1. ChrisToronto says:

    It’s a dog’s life. Love the last shot.

    PS Your Twit pics of the Chagall Ball are awesome; looks like I missed a BIG night.

  2. Wes says:

    Wouldn’t be surprised if more artist’s leave Monte Clark!

  3. mom says:

    I visited the Daniel Faria Gallery yesterday, and was delighted to find a great new space, filled with important art in the middle of the colorful community of portuguese neighborhood. The enthusiastic welcome inside was mirrored by the beautiful front garden of Dahlias and roses of a private house right across from the front door. I enjoyed every minute of my walk-through and congratulate Daniel on his bold step forward. E C

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