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The Directed Lie: A Visit with Artist Paulette Phillips

The other day, I visited artist Paulette Phillips at her home in Toronto, to be interviewed for her upcoming artwork. Called The Directed Lie, it involved being put to the test – the lie detector test. Me with Paulette Phillips, undergoing the polygraph. All images: Scott Barker/VoCA Phillips has trained as a professional polygraph technician in the United States, and
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The Rise (and Rise) of Yves Klein Blue

A quick note to say that I feel sort of vindicated. Back in March 2010, I wrote THIS post predicting the rise of International Klein Blue – that fabulous deep blue invented and patented by the late, great artist Yves Klein. Yves Klein, Petite Vénus Bleue, 1956 Image: And so it went…that bright blue was suddenly everywhere from J.Crew
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Flying Limbs: VoCA visits Josh Malcolm

I visited artist Josh Malcolm in his studio this afternoon. His large oils on canvas were everywhere, and I found them very intriguing. They are very high energy – Malcolm says he’s inspired by European and American expressionist painting. But they’re quite different, and quite challenging. At first glance, they looked, to me very modern…but sort of unfinished. In the
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