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Costa Rican Art: Erika Stanley at Galeria Valanti

There’s all kinds of art out there.

One of the things that I find so exciting and inspiring about my new project ARTBOMB is seeing art by such varied artists, from the not-so-art-educated to the very highly educated. There is an enormous range of work, which is what makes art (as a language) so incredible and potentially mind-opening.

All work by Erika Stanley at Galeria Valanti. All images: VoCA

Another thing that achieves this is travel. Seeing art being made in other locations, with other influences for other markets is often inspiring. This was definitely the case years ago when I first saw contemporary Chinese art for instance. And again when recently in Costa Rica, where I was introduced to the Galeria Valanti.

Much of the Central and South American art that I’ve seen tends to have lots of bright colours, but I have to admit (though it’s not my personal taste) I’ve never seen anything quite like the work by Belgium based, Costa Rican artist Erika Stanley.

These wall sculptures incorporate musical instruments, that can be removed from the work and played. She also uses her own clothes to form the backdrop to the instruments. I’m not sure how she does it, perhaps with plaster, but using the clothes hanger is a neat way of resolving how to hang the work too.

It’s an interesting idea, no? I have done critiques at universities where I can tell young painters are having trouble taking their painting further, making it more interesting. This, to my mind, is how one artist has very successfully done just that.

4 Responses to “Costa Rican Art: Erika Stanley at Galeria Valanti”

  1. Benjamin says:

    That’s some real interesting work that lifts art to a completely new level. I’d like to see more of it

  2. emelie says:

    isn’t costa rica in central, not south america?

  3. Erika says:

    Hello Andrea, what a nice surprise to find my work commented by you. Thank you very much for the positive feedback, I’m flattered.
    I can tell you about my technics any time, you are free to ask.
    Kind regards,
    Erika Stanley

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