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MONTREAL ARTISTS: Submit your work to Artbomb!



Beginning in June 2012, ARTBOMB will make occasional road trips to Montreal to pick up work. We will meet artists at a specific location to assess and receive their work. Artists will sign a contract and we will return with the works to Toronto, where they will be photographed and put in the line-up. Work that does not sell is returned to artists on our next trip.


Artists interested in participating (Toronto and Montreal artists only, for now) may contact ARTBOMB at submissions@artbombdaily.com. Please include a link to your website or low resolution images of your work, putting ARTBOMB in the subject line.

More information:

ARTBOMB is a carefully curated daily auction featuring an artwork by a rising Canadian art star. It’s like Groupon for art!

Launched in December 2011 in Toronto, ARTBOMB is a brand new way for artists to expose their work to thousands of potential art buyers.

ARTBOMB is a fresh approach to art buying that allows busy professionals a daily peek into a carefully selected cross-section of Ontario and Quebec’s most exciting art by delivering one work into their inboxes, 5 days a week. Bidding opens at 6 am and closes at 11 pm. Subscribers bid on the work and at the end of the day, the highest bid wins the piece, which is delivered to the buyer the following week.

The artwork – including painting, prints, photography, sculpture, drawing, mixed-media and video art – is designed to reflect a broad cross-section of Ontario and Quebec’s most exciting talent, and is selected by Andrea Carson Barker, an expert in contemporary art and the accomplished founder and publisher of one of Canada’s most widely read culture blogs, http://www.viewoncanadianart.com. Artworks are mostly priced at under $1000. All works are delivered ready to hang.

ARTBOMB is a project by Jim Shedden, Carrie Shibinsky and Andrea Carson Barker.

SUBSCRIBE NOW! To receive our free daily e-blast, please go to Artbombdaily.com and click ‘subscribe’. We do not share any addresses.


ARTISTS: Please promote ARTBOMB to your artist friends! Forward this link!

Contact: Andrea Carson Barker, Jim Shedden, Carrie Shibinsky: contact@artbombdaily.com

ARTBOMB. Buy what you love.

3 Responses to “MONTREAL ARTISTS: Submit your work to Artbomb!”

  1. Andrea says:

    Please note that at this time, Artbomb is NOT accepting work from Montreal artists. We are planning to in future, however.

    Montreal artists should email submissions@artbombdaily.com with ‘ARTBOMB MONTREAL’ in the subject line. We will put you on our list and let you know when we expand.

    Thank you!

  2. Rachel Thompson says:

    If we are a Montreal artist, and are capable of bringing our art to you, could we submit under that condition?

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