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Paris: A Visit to Atelier Brancusi

Now that I’m blogging less frequently (and tweeting more often) it feels like a small luxury to write a blog post. When I was in Paris recently, I was finally able to see the amazing studios of Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi, which have been recreated by architect Renzo Piano and installed, as a wonderful free museum, right next to the Centre George Pompidou.

Brancusi’s Endless Columns, and his Bird in Flight, among other works. All images: VoCA

I discovered many things about Brancusi, mostly interestingly that he saw his studio as a ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’ or total work of art. So it’s important that it has been preserved. He was apparently obsessed with the arrangement of his sculptures, of the shadows they cast and the way they related, spacially, to one another.

Brancusi lived in paris from 1904 to 1957 and when he died he bequeathed his studio to the French State, asking that it be reconstructed exactly as it was.

Some artfully arranged sculptures and plinths, with a not-so-subtle security camera peering out.

It was amazing to see the famous Oiseaux dans l’espace/Bird in Space beside his Colonnes sans fin/Endless Columns, beside his Sleeping Muse, this time in plaster instead of the more familiar bronze. In fact in the studio apparently the three Oiseaux form an invisible triangle, echoing a project for a temple in India that was never built. It was also fascinating to see his wall of tools, arranged like works of art, themselves.

The wall of tools, with Bird in Space at left.

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