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Top 3 for Nuit Blanche Toronto 2012!

It’s been seven years since Toronto’s first Nuit Blanche. I’ve been to five of them and this year will be my sixth. Overall, we can probably agree, they’ve been pretty great. The experience of being out all night – despite the often dodgy weather – seeing Torontonians absorbing visual art en masse is fantastic.

Toronto City Hall, during a previous Nuit Blanche. Image: City of Toronto.

We also know, however, about the annoyingly long queues and massive crowds. And the choice, of what to see and when, and how best to navigate: by foot, bike or transit.

This year, there will likely be as many ‘top ten’ lists as ever, so I’ve decided to whittle my list down to three. If you see anything at this year’s Nuit Blanche, I think you should make the effort to see these three.

Each one is by an incredibly talented artist, and I’m confident that they won’t disappoint. So here they are, in order of my personal preference:

1. Iris Häussler, Ou Topos, 2012. It’s in the parking garage under City Hall, and I think it will be FANTASTIC. I think Iris is one of the best artists in the city. The details of the project, including exact location and map, are HERE.

2. Archival Dialogues: Reading the Black Star Collection. I found out about this project through one of the participating artists, Vera Frenkel. I would have recommended it if it were only her work, but it turns out she is one among several illustrious Canadian artists taking part, including VoCA favourite David Rokeby, Stan Douglas, Stephen Andrews and the legendary Michael Snow. Plus, you can check out the brand new Ryerson Image Centre. Project details are all HERE.

3. Kelly Mark, Scenes From A Film I’ll Never Make, with Alternate Scores, 2012. Five videos, all the same except for different lighting and different soundtracks. Sounds like vintage Kelly Mark, so I expect it will be excellent. And it’s outdoors, which is an added bonus. All project details, including *new* location, are HERE.

Enjoy Nuit Blanche 2012! I’d love to hear what you thought afterwards, below.

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