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The Kingston Prize for Portraiture is Back!

The Kingston Prize is back! The national biannual prize for portrait painting, which I wrote about back in 2011 HERE, is again accepting submissions from artists.

Michael Bayne, Kingston Ontario, Orange Grandma, oil on wood panel, 15 x 10 cm. Winner of The Kingston Prize 2011. Image: kingstonprize.ca

The $20,000 prize is awarded to a painting of a specific Canadian person. It must be based upon an actual meeting between artist and subject, and must be produced within 24 months of the closing date, which is April 26, 2013.

Thirty finalists are selected and the exhibition tours the country, though last year it travelled only within Quebec and Ontario, including at the Royal Ontario Museum. The 2011 winner happened to be of my favourite painters, Mike Bayne – who shows with Katharine Mulherin Gallery. You can see his winning portrait, Orange Grandma, above.

Steven Spazuk, Léry Québec, Danielle 3, soot on paper, 196 x 152 cm, Finalist 2011. Image kingstonprize.ca

The Kingston Prize was founded by Kaaren and Julian Brown of Kingston, Ontario who were inspired by Australia’s Archibald Prize for portraits, which attracts considerable public interest.

Good luck! To enter, please visit the website HERE.

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