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Grow Op: Meditations on Landscape at the Gladstone Hotel, Part One

I stopped by the Gladstone Hotel‘s latest design exhibition last night. Curated by landscape architect Victoria Taylor, it’s the inaugural year of Grow Op, a landscape-based exhibition of experimental works that seek to ‘uncover new ways of expression and meaning through projects that represent a wide range of approaches from the prosaic to the poetic, the elemental to the ephemeral.’

Grow Op curator, the landscape architect Victoria Taylor in front of a painting by Nick Sweetman. All images: VoCA

It reminded me of the wonderful Come Up to my Room, the design exhibition that celebrated ten years at the Gladstone this past January. Read my blog post about it HERE.

Grow Op is similarly enchanting. The best work was GeoGarden by the intriguing artist Karen Abel with soundscape by Rose Bolton, which I’ll feature in part two of this post. I found it to be a stunning, surprising work that worked successfully in the space of the hotel room and was as strong a design installation as an unusual approach to the idea of landscape.

But all the pieces are worth seeing, particularly the hanging plants by Ryan Taylor and Jane Hutton’s Fluorescent puts cross sectioned branches under black light. They glow naturally, showing the chlorophyll. Who knew?

Grow Op is at the Gladstone Hotel, Toronto until Sunday April 28. For more information, please click HERE.

Here are some images. Which do you like best?

Iris Fraser-Gudrunas, Flickering Flora.

Flickering Flora, detail of image printed on vintage mirror.

Ryan Taylor, Babylon Light

Babylon Light, detail with minuscule plastic dinosaur.

Jane Hutton, Fluorescence

Fluorescence, detail. Amazing, no?

Andrea Nesbitt, Soft Talk. These are pussywillows, all tied together. The installation is meant to vibrate as you move into it. The hanging orb contains a motion sensor.

Soft Talk, detail

2 Responses to “Grow Op: Meditations on Landscape at the Gladstone Hotel, Part One”

  1. Peter Holland says:

    This is ultra cool, especially the fluorescence! I will stop by the Gladstone the next time I am in the area.

  2. ChrisToronto says:

    Your photos are excellent!

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