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Beirut Graffiti Art: A Selection

I was in Beirut, Lebanon last week on holiday. What a fascinating city! I had originally planned to visit galleries in search of art by Middle Eastern artists. I didn’t have a chance, but it didn’t matter since I quickly realized how interesting and beautiful the graffiti was.

Here is a selection, including a few shots of some very well done wall murals. Enjoy!

There were beautiful ones:

photo 9
All images: VoCA

photo 3

photo 29

photo 12

Political ones:

photo 22

photo 17

photo 8

photo 2

photo 27

photo 18


photo 14

photo 16

photo 15

photo 23

photo 25

And Western-inspired ones:

photo 20

photo 21

photo 13

photo 11
photo 10

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