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Book Review: Emily Carr – From the Forest to the Sea

A strong affinity for the natural beauty of western Canada and First Nations culture is clearly visible in the work of Emily Carr, one of Canada’s best-loved artists. Her point of view resonates strongly today, and it seems to have inspired this fresh take on her work, edited by Ian Dejardin, director of London’s Dulwich Picture Gallery, and Sarah Milroy, a Canadian art critic.

Read the rest of my review, in Quill & Quire, HERE.

Emily Carr, Scorned as Timber, Beloved of the Sky, 1935. Image: artoutthewazoo.com

Emily Carr, Blunden Harbour, c. 1930. Image: dulwichonview.org.uk/National Gallery of Canada

Emily Carr, Tree (spiralling upward), 1932 – 1933. Image: http://dulwichonview.org.uk/National Gallery of Canada

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