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Thanks for reading, and for all the tremendous support for View on Canadian Art over the years. When I began my blog almost a decade ago, there was very little conversation around art criticism and art in Canada online. Now there are many blogs and online publications, which is wonderful to see.  As always, excellent artists making compelling work, around the world and across Canada. I’ve become particularly interested in artists engaging in the world in an overtly political way. But of course, as Toni Morrison said,

“All of that art-for-art’s-sake stuff is BS, what are these people talking about?

Are you really telling me that Shakespeare and Aeschylus weren’t writing about kings?

All good art is political!”

IMG_1964 copy

I’m much more active on Twitter than on my blog these days. My twitter feed is focused on Canadian art, with a big focus on political art, please follow me HERE!

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I’m also doing a web TV series for Akimbo. I’m interviewing some truly inspiring people in the Canadian art world. The episodes short and snappy –  only 5 minutes each – check it out HERE!


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