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About VoCA

As an expert in contemporary art and architecture and the accomplished founder and publisher of one of Canada’s most widely read culture blogs, Andrea is a writer who works with various culture organizations on strategic profile building and public relations planning, including web and corporate writing, grant writing, program development and implementation. Since 2006, Andrea has worked with clients including Kirkor Architects & Planners, Taylor Smyth Architects, WZMH Architects, Bruce Mau Design, Yabu Pushelberg, the Hamilton Supercrawl and the Canadian Art Foundation. She has secured high profile speaking engagements for her clients, and effectively increased their brand presence through both social and mainstream media.

In addition to blogging for the Huffington Post, as an art critic Andrea writes for publications including Azure, ARTnews, Art Review, Border Crossings, Canadian Art, CV Photo, DesignLines, the Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, Monocle, Quill & Quire and Toronto Life.

Andrea sits on the City of Toronto Public Art Commission. Her specialties include business, marketing and web writing and editing, and contemporary art and architecture.

She is currently managing her family’s business in commercial real estate in Markham Ontario. Andrea has become a passionate advocate for bringing arts and culture to the City of Markham and the greater Toronto area and is developing multiple ambitious projects in that regard.

View on Canadian Art

View on Canadian Art’s intention and mission is to increase the profile of Canadian art within Canada and internationally.

Our intention is to provide an intelligent, informed voice on Canada’s best contemporary art. View on Canadian Art (VoCA) is a one-stop website where the visitor will discover the best of contemporary Canadian art, from interviews with artists, dealers, collectors and curators to critic’s picks, loved & loathed, Canadian and international art news, tips on collecting and articles on the major exhibitions across the country.

VoCA provides Canada with its only online gateway to contemporary visual art, including but not limited to the following sections: Architecture, Art Market, Articles, Artists, Books, Cities including Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Halifax, Collecting, Events, Exhibitions, Interviews, International news, Loved & Loathed, News, Painting, Photography, Sculpture/Installation, Video/New Media and Underrated Canadian Artists. We hope you enjoy it!

Please note this blog is no longer accepting proposals.


3 Responses to “About VoCA”

  1. Eleanor O'Hara says:

    I am looking for some information on Linda Balgrave.( Artist.)

    She resided in the Town of Rawdon Quebec.

    We have a couple of her paintings.I known that she past away

    Last year. I think that she was close to 100 years old.

    Would appreciate any info you might have on her.

    Thank you.

  2. Gam says:

    I believe the artists name is Linda BLagrave, not Balgrave

    maybe you could contact the Rawdon Artist Circle

    best of luck

  3. Good Evening,

    Hello, we are students from the Institute without Boundaries and we were wondering if you could assist us in advertising for our upcoming exhibition entitled Region* on January 23, on your site.

    Thank you for your time and consideration,

    Dallas Cotterell

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