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Art Star: Sarah Robayo Sheridan in Flare Magazine

Flare Magazine, a Canadian fashion mag, has been increasing the art related content in its pages. Following the lead of other publications, under the watch of new editor Cameron Williamson, it has developed a monthly piece called ‘Art Star’, which profiles a ‘mover and shaker’ in the art world who also happens to have interesting personal style. I wrote the
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Abacus Lofts

Design Writing: The Rise of the Mid-Rise

I’ve been freelancing in design circles again – here’s a piece I did for the Toronto Star’s Luxury Homes supplement. It’s on the new luxury lower-rise condos that are popping up around established downtown Toronto neighbourhoods. This kind of luxury means fewer neighbours, bigger units often overlooking a park, and convenient access to amenities. I focused on three: ABACUS, ORIGAMI
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Book review: Leonardo and the Last Supper by Ross King

Among Leonardo da Vinci’s writing and journals, one note in particular reveals his genius: his desire to paint “Man, and the intention of his mind.” Da Vinci’s constant search for new ways to reveal the world through art defined the Renaissance and set an artistic standard for centuries to come. Ross King’s excellent examination of one of da Vinci’s undisputed
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Review of Karsh: Beyond the Camera

I recently reviewed a new book about the famed portrait photographer Yousuf Karsh. Karsh’s portrait of Georgia O’Keefe. Karsh arrived to Canada from Syria in 1925 and eventually set up in Ottawa, where he worked his connections in politics, eventually photographing Sir Winston Churchill, which made him world famous. For the last 18 years of his life, he lived
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Hot New Design Firm: Reigo & Bauer

Check out my profile of the young design team Reigo & Bauer, in the current issue of DesignLines magazine. The Toronto couple has renovated a Deco-style building into a number of apartments, retaining many original details. They make the most of the space in their tiny apartment, which opens onto a fantastic roof deck. And they have set up their
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Defiant Spirits: The Modernist Revolution of the Group of Seven

Here’s my review of Ross King‘s excellent book on the Group of Seven, in the current issue of Quill and Quire. It’s also at the Quill and Quire website, HERE. Image: Defiant Spirits: The Modernist Revolution of the Group of Seven by Ross King From a young age, Canadians learn about our country’s most famous painting movement in art
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Maria Fernanda Cardoso: Emu Wear

Check out my article in this month’s issue of Azure magazine, on the incredible Emu feather concoctions by Colombian artist Maria Fernanda Cardoso. One of Maria Fernanda Cardoso’s Emu Wear pieces. Image: Cardoso decided to investigate the Emu – the Australian, ostrich-like bird – as a way of relating to her new homeland, Australia. She began with feather sculptures
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Inside the Artist’s Studio: Kent Monkman

Check out my piece on artist Kent Monkman’s home and studio in the current issue of Design Lines magazine. The studio, a former factory, was re-done by Jason Halter of boutique design firm Wonder Inc. You know Monkman for his traditionally painted landscapes into which he inserts contemporary figures of First Nations people, often doing rather unconventional things… Kent Monkman,
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Douglas Coupland Speaks! Part Two (or..the Ramblings of an Icon)

Last week we posted HERE part one of our conversation with Douglas Coupland. In this post, Coupland talks about his collecting habits, coming from a “guns-and-ammo” family, his interest in nuclear culture and his new TV mini-series, among other things. Douglas Coupland’s tiny cubes of 100 stamps. Image: VoCA Coupland brings out a bowl filled with small cubes of 100
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Douglas Coupland Speaks! (Part One)

Last week at his beautiful, art-filled Ron Thom designed home in Vancouver, VoCA sat down with artist-slash-writer Douglas Coupland to get his views on everything from Warhol to techological obsolescence to City of Toronto love. “All young artists secretly think they’re the next Warhol,” says the Generation X author. Douglas Coupland. Here are some highlights: VoCA: Douglas Coupland, are
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