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In Search of Excellence: Raising the Bar for Artistic Output

Check out my article in the new aggregate news website The Mark News – it’s about why cities, and Toronto in particular, need to develop a culture of excellence. It’s because whether cities are great or mediocre has a significant effect on quality of life for citizens. And cities that pursue excellence end up with a highly developed, sophisticated cultural
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VoCA goes up North

Going up to Drag Lake, in Haliburton to look at a glass box ‘cottage’ in the middle of the forest. Boat access only! My profile of the house is coming up in the August issue of Toronto Life magazine…stay tuned

News: Architect Paul Raff wins Arts Medal

The text I wrote that accompanied architect Paul Raff’s winning submission for the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada‘s Allied Arts Medal has been reproduced in Canadian Architect magazine. A pavilion by Paul Raff Studio. Image:

Who is Doug Wright?

Doug Wright’s most famous character, Nipper. Image: The graphic artist Seth has designed and co-edited a gorgeous coffee table book on the erstwhile celebrity cartoonist, whose Nipper comic strip became a huge hit across the country in the 1960s. This book is a wonderful object and a highly entertaining read, even if you’re not into graphic novels, or comics.
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On Art Schools

How relevant are art schools today? Do artists really require education beyond basic technical training? Do art institutions hinder, rather than help the creative expression of artists today? Bruce Nauman, The True Artist Helps the World by Revealing Mystic Truths (Window or Wall Sign), 1967. Image: And what does Bruce Nauman think? Read my opinion piece on the brand
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Seeing Ghosts: 9/11 and the Visual Imagination

Karen Engle’s book Seeing Ghosts: 9/11 and the Visual Imagination takes an intriguing, and – she argues – much needed look at the artworks and ephemera that surrounded September 11. Eric Fischl, Tumbling Woman. Image: You probably haven’t given much thought to Eric Fischl‘s sculpture Tumbling Woman, which was placed and quickly pulled from Rockefeller Centre when it became
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The Art Expo: Yours to Discover

Check out my article on the Art Expo, Toronto’s “kinder, gentler art fair for tough times” in today’s Globe and Mail – click thumbnail after the jump. It’s a good place to discover work by artists who may not have gallery representation. Many are from abroad – expect to see work from India, Japan, Israel, Germany and Korea. A mixed-media
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Review: Ryan McGinness at Artcore, Toronto

Here’s my piece on the New York artist Ryan McGinness, who showed his graphic paintings and incredible perspex sculptures – which, we think are a near-perfect marriage of dynamic form, colour and transparency delivered with frothy lightness – at Artcore in Toronto in October. It’s in the current issue of Azure magazine. Ryan McGinness, In-progress maquettes for sculptures, acrylic on
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3 Reviews in ARTnews: Scott Lyall, Pascal Grandmaison, Kim Dorland

Check out my reviews in the special Toronto section of the December 2008 issue of ARTnews. Image: Click each thumbnail twice: Click HERE to go to the ARTnews magazine website.

VoCA Recommends…Independent Sprit

This book is devoted to Canadian women artists from the 19th to mid 20th centuries. It should be necessary reading for anyone who is interested in Canadian history, and/or Canadian art. Please don’t let the cover design dissuade you! Keep reading! Independent Sprit, by A.K. Prakash. Image: “It’s tempting to assume that Canadian women artists of the 19th and
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