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Canada’s Portrait Award: The Kingston Prize

The third biennial national portrait competition, the Kingston Prize, is accepting submissions until April 29, and this year, the prize is being doubled to $20,000. Marina Dieul, Le défi, oil on panel. Image: The prize is a wonderful project of the Kingston Art Council (and by the way, it’s supported by the W. Garfield Weston Foundation.) Andrew Valko of
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Museums Expand across the Land

The landscape of museum buildings across Canada is about to be given new life, as more institutions secure government and private funding to allow them to expand with sexy architecturally designed spaces. The Art Gallery of Alberta, in Edmonton. Image: Last year, the Art Gallery of Alberta in Edmonton unveiled a fractured new building by Gehry alumnus Randall Stout.
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Works of Art for Christmas!

Art makes a great gift. People don’t always realize how inexpensive some books and multiples are, and isn’t it better to support local art scenes than buy from major corporations? I think so. Here are my top picks for Canada’s best art shopping: 1. ART METROPOLE. Started by General Idea in 1974, Art Met continues to specialize in the sale
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Happy 90th Birthday, Alex Colville!

The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia will celebrate the life and art of Canada’s best known living painter with an exhibition of selected works that will showcase his prints and sketches – an important part of Colville’s practice. Alex Colville, Family and Rainstorm, 1955. Image: Alex Colville Through February 20, 2011 The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia

No Culture, No Future?

The Walrus has a good interview with Simon Brault, author of No Culture, No Future, the new book that exploresthe fact that the arts are a necessity, not a luxury. As he puts it, the book is a “call to action” – for Brault, it’s up to everyone to communicate with one another to promote and encourage the arts. Image:
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Who will win the Sobey Art Prize?

The finalists for the 2010 Sobey Art Award were announced today. The artists, selected by a jury from each region of Canada, are competing for the Award’s $50,000 top prize. Bendan Tang may be the newest kid on the block, but our money’s on Duke & Battersby or the excellent Daniel Barrow, who was passed over in 2008.  Do we
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2010 Sobey & Iskowitz Prizes Announced

We returned from Vancouver to the news that Brian Jungen has won the $25,000 2010 Gershon Iskowitz award at the AGO, and that the $50,000 Sobey Art Prize longlist has been announced. Vanessa Paschakarnis, Shield for a Human, 2009. Bronze. Image: Most regions have a pretty clear shortlister for the Sobey (I’m thinking either Isabelle Pauwels or Jeremy Shaw
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VoCA Asks for Your Advice

Ok, ok people, you pummeled VoCA for THIS post, with many comments… Tell VoCA what you want. Image: Some agreed, saying “I feel like this this revulsion I’m experiencing is the desired effect: Trecartin would endeavour to highlight contemporary culture’s more outlandish aspects by combining them all into one loathsome beast” and “bad taste, as well as bad technique
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VoCA Recommends….Three Things in the New Year

Jean-Pierre Gauthier, Nul/Flirting with the Puck 2008. Image: 1. Kinetic works by the former Sobey Art Prize winner Jean-Pierre Gauthier at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia from December 18, 2009 to March 15, 2010. A drawing by Dan Perjovschi. Image: 2. The curators at the ROM finally see the light and bring in Romanian artist Dan Perjovschi
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Canadian Art Today: Circa 1970

“With their artists competing on an international stage, Canadians can no longer complain of their country as a cultural backwater nor luxuriate in the nostalgic charm of provincialism. In art as in political, social and economic activities, Canada is fully involved in the world of today,” – Dr. R. H. Hubbard, former Chief Curator of the National Gallery of Canada.
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