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Jeff Wall and Old Masters

Click HERE for a questionnaire with Vancouver artist Jeff Wall in this month’s issue of Frieze magazine. “I get so much from looking at great works, but some days – or even some months – I get more from not looking at them. You experience the art also by being away from it and not seeing it.” – Jeff Wall
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Douglas Coupland Speaks! Part Two (or..the Ramblings of an Icon)

Last week we posted HERE part one of our conversation with Douglas Coupland. In this post, Coupland talks about his collecting habits, coming from a “guns-and-ammo” family, his interest in nuclear culture and his new TV mini-series, among other things. Douglas Coupland’s tiny cubes of 100 stamps. Image: VoCA Coupland brings out a bowl filled with small cubes of 100
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Douglas Coupland Speaks! (Part One)

Last week at his beautiful, art-filled Ron Thom designed home in Vancouver, VoCA sat down with artist-slash-writer Douglas Coupland to get his views on everything from Warhol to techological obsolescence to City of Toronto love. “All young artists secretly think they’re the next Warhol,” says the Generation X author. Douglas Coupland. Here are some highlights: VoCA: Douglas Coupland, are
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VoCA Goes to Vancouver! (and meets Douglas Coupland)

Stay tuned for an interview with Douglas Coupland, author, artist, fan-of-Warhol and recent author of a book on McLuhan. Some of Coupland’s recent artworks.

On Art and Patronage: Miuccia Prada

“Money and art: it’s a difficult question,” (says Miuccia Prada.) “But art has always been about very rich people – think of the great popes and princes of the Renaissance.” The Prada Transformer, Rem Koolhaas’s incredible re-think of what architecture is. Image: We think Ms. Prada is on to something here. Today, we were at a talk sponsored by
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Toronto: Introducing 47 (A Gallery)

Canada has a strong culture of Government funded artist-run centres in every province. These are public galleries, run by artists for artists, with a strong exhibition program that supports artists from Canada and abroad. Another type of artist-run gallery in Toronto opened earlier this month. 47 is run by three artists, Dennis Lin, Jaclyn Quaresma and Jennifer McGregor, with –
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Michael Dudeck Speaks!

VoCA has long championed Winnipeg as a hotbed for contemporary artists – Guy Maddin, Sarah Anne Johnson and Paul Butler among them. Since he was included in AA Bronson’s School for young shamans at John Connelly Presents in NYC last year, along with other VoCA favorite Item Idem, young Winnipeg artist Michael Dudeck is fast emerging as one of the
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Films on Art and Artists: Herb and Dorothy, Keith Haring, Yves Klien, Alice Neel, Ellsworth Kelly and more!

A shameless plug – since I work for the Canadian Art Foundation – for our upcoming Reel Artists Film Festival in Toronto: Save the Date for the 6th Annual Reel Artists Film Festival! The 2009 Canadian Art REEL ARTISTS FILM FESTIVAL will take place in Toronto from February 26 – 1 March, 2009. This year’s festival will focus on EDUCATION,
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Darren O’Donnell Speaks!

Founded in 1993, Mammalian Diving Reflex is a “research-art atelier dedicated to investigating the social sphere, always on the lookout for contradictions to whip into aesthetically scintillating experiences, producing one-off events, theatre-based performance, theoretical texts and community happenings.” According to their website , “It is our mission to bring people together, engage them, challenge them and get them talking, thinking
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Sculpture: Christian Giroux and Daniel Young

Click HERE for my article on the sculptors for Azure’s DesignLines magazine. They’ve just reworked the language of the traditional children’s jungle gym for their new city commission at Lee Centre Park in Scarborough, a suburb of Toronto. Their design-y pieces reference Modernism using such unusual materials as Ikea furniture and bicycle tire. Christian Giroux and Daniel Young, Mao, 2008.
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