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The Kingston Prize for Portraiture is Back!

The Kingston Prize is back! The national biannual prize for portrait painting, which I wrote about back in 2011 HERE, is again accepting submissions from artists. Michael Bayne, Kingston Ontario, Orange Grandma, oil on wood panel, 15 x 10 cm. Winner of The Kingston Prize 2011. Image: The $20,000 prize is awarded to a painting of a specific Canadian
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Book review: Leonardo and the Last Supper by Ross King

Among Leonardo da Vinci’s writing and journals, one note in particular reveals his genius: his desire to paint “Man, and the intention of his mind.” Da Vinci’s constant search for new ways to reveal the world through art defined the Renaissance and set an artistic standard for centuries to come. Ross King’s excellent examination of one of da Vinci’s undisputed
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Builders: The Second Canadian Biennale at the National Gallery of Canada

The National Gallery of Canada very kindly invited me to Ottawa – expenses paid – to see the current exhibition, which is called ‘Builders’, and is the second Canadian Biennale. (Did you know there was a Canadian Biennale?) According to curator Jonathan Shaughnessy, the show’s title is inspired by the idea of artists as not only players in the game,
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A Visit to Walnut Street Studios

This past weekend, at the invitation of artistic director Ilene Sova I visited Walnut Studios, a grey, graffiti covered building just off lower Niagara Street in Toronto. The studios are divided up into about 50 artists spaces, where painters, mixed media artists, street artists, jewellery makers and even fashion designers hone their craft. Artistic Director Ilene Sova. All images: VoCA
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Loved: San Francisco’s Spectacular Street Art

I was awed by beautiful San Francisco last weekend, when we went for Thanksgiving. What a city! We went to the SF MoMA, where we saw the Cindy Sherman retrospective that we missed in New York. A great show by one of my favourite artists, but it was almost eclipsed by the amazing architecture by Swiss architect Mario Botta. An
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Loved: Zhang Huan’s Ash Paintings & Memory Doors

Today I went to the Art Gallery of Ontario, just in time on the last day of the excellent exhibition by Chinese artist Zhang Huan: Ash Paintings and Memory Doors. I had been told it was an impressive show, and it really was. Not only were the enormous works strong in terms of technique, subject matter and concept, but they
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Paris: Gerhard Richter at the Pompidou

This was a fantastic show. The Pompidou is such a great venue – somehow even the crowds don’t take away from the experience. Having seen the documentary Gerhard Richter: Painting, I was aware of the process that he uses to make the squeegee painting – it involves a lot of thinking and waiting – it was wonderful to see many
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In the Studio with Julie Gladstone

I came across the work of artist Julie Gladstone when I was perusing the aisles of the Artist Project for potential artists to showcase on Artbomb. Artist Julie Gladstone. All images: VoCA I immediately liked the unconventional colour in her work, lots of pale minty colours jolted alive with fluorescent spray paint and then brought together with strips of striped
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Oh, Canada…Seeing with New Eyes

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.“ – Marcel Proust Today, I swung by Feheley Fine Arts gorgeous new gallery at 65 George Street, where ADAC (the Art Dealers Association of Canada) was hosting a lunch in honour of the upcoming exhibition Oh, Canada that will open at Mass MoCA on
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VoCA visits Art Collective vsvsvs

Last week I paid a visit to the studios of a young art collective called vsvsvs. The group, made up of eight young artists, most of whom are grads from Guelph University’s Fine Arts programme, live and work in a fantastic space off Cherry Street, in the port lands of Toronto. A sculpture by vsvsvs member Anthony Cooper. Click on
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