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The Importance of Nature: Art on Film

I’ve been thinking a lot about nature lately. Particularly since the activist fashion designer Vivienne Westwood started promoting a petition “to adopt legislation to prohibit, prevent and pre-empt ecocide – the extensive damage to, destruction of or loss of ecosystems,” in the EU. Susumu Shingu, Luminous River, 2009. Image: Jeanne Bucher. I think we should start a similar petition
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Four Canadian Women Artists to Watch (And One Man)

The Walrus magazine ran a good piece recently, highlighting five Canadian artists to watch. I was immediately intrigued, since it was great visual art coverage in a mainstream publication and FOUR of the five were women artists. Melanie Authier. Image: MARC FOWLER/ One of Melanie Authier’s paintings. Image: I spoke with art director Brian Morgan who wrote and developed
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Silver Lake Operations #1

Art & Nature: A Call to Action

With the recent flooding in Calgary, the oil spill in Quebec and heat waves in other parts of the world, there’s been much recent discussion that’s gotten me thinking about our environment. And of course, I like to relate it to visual art. Edward Burtynsky, Silver Lake Operations #1 (Lake Lefroy, Western Australia, 2007) Image: If you look at
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The Archive of Modern Conflict: CONTACT Photography Festival, Toronto

This year’s CONTACT photography festival kicked off with a bang at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art (MOCCA) in Toronto. I was pleasantly surprised by this year’s show, Collected Shadows: Archive of Modern Conflict (AMC). An arrangement of images on the deep purple wall at MOCCA: Image: VoCA I had never heard of the AMC, even though it is Toronto
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Demand 4

Loved: Thomas Demand at DHC Art Foundation, Montreal

The DHC Art Foundation in Montreal is small, and wonderful. The exhibitions  that I’ve seen there have been beautifully installed and it’s a lovely experience to see so few works at a time, curated as they are across four intimate floors and into a nearby space.  Thomas Demand is well known in Europe as the photographer who meticulously recreates images
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Archival Dialogues at Ryerson Image Centre: A Taster

For anyone who missed it, here are a few photos from the inaugural exhibition at Toronto’s Ryerson Image Centre. Titled Archival Dialogues, the exhibition brought together eight Canadian artists who were asked to make work in ‘dialogue’ with a chosen perspective on the famous Black Star Collection of about 292,000 photojournalistic prints from the 20th century, which was donated to
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Builders: The Second Canadian Biennale at the National Gallery of Canada

The National Gallery of Canada very kindly invited me to Ottawa – expenses paid – to see the current exhibition, which is called ‘Builders’, and is the second Canadian Biennale. (Did you know there was a Canadian Biennale?) According to curator Jonathan Shaughnessy, the show’s title is inspired by the idea of artists as not only players in the game,
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Top 3 for Nuit Blanche Toronto 2012!

It’s been seven years since Toronto’s first Nuit Blanche. I’ve been to five of them and this year will be my sixth. Overall, we can probably agree, they’ve been pretty great. The experience of being out all night – despite the often dodgy weather – seeing Torontonians absorbing visual art en masse is fantastic. Toronto City Hall, during a previous
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Review of Karsh: Beyond the Camera

I recently reviewed a new book about the famed portrait photographer Yousuf Karsh. Karsh’s portrait of Georgia O’Keefe. Karsh arrived to Canada from Syria in 1925 and eventually set up in Ottawa, where he worked his connections in politics, eventually photographing Sir Winston Churchill, which made him world famous. For the last 18 years of his life, he lived
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Paris: Gerhard Richter at the Pompidou

This was a fantastic show. The Pompidou is such a great venue – somehow even the crowds don’t take away from the experience. Having seen the documentary Gerhard Richter: Painting, I was aware of the process that he uses to make the squeegee painting – it involves a lot of thinking and waiting – it was wonderful to see many
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