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Explaining the Winnipeg Art Scene: Part Five

Here is the final part of an article written by former Winnipegger Edwin Janzen, an artist and writer currently based in Ottawa. The article was previously published in Drain magazine – you can read the full article, HERE, (under Related Essays) or click HERE for last week’s post on VoCA. Roger Crait, Untitled, 2009. Image: The Power of Myth
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Underrated Canadian artist: Walter Harris

“Art is my life, and the life of my people. I want my work…to live and carry on the rich tradition of our people. I have always felt the importance of passing on my knowledge and my skills….Our art connects us to our past and intertwines us in the present and makes way for the future.” First Nations artist Walter
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Aboriginal Art at the CMCP, Ottawa

Steeling the Gaze: Portraits by Aboriginal Artists 31 OCTOBER 2008 – 22 MARCH 2009 Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography, Ottawa Kent Monkman, Emergence of a Legend, series of 5 portraits of Miss Chief in various performance personas. Image: (Click image above to enlarge) This group exhibition, drawn from the collections of the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography and the
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NEWS: Vancouver opens First Nations museum

The late Haida artist Bill Reid received the Order of British Columbia. Image: In Canada, the first time the work of contemporary indigenous artists made it into an art context was in 1965-67 when Doris Shadbolt, at the Vancouver Art Gallery, organized the groundbreaking exhibition, Arts of the Raven: Master Works of the Northwest.

Honouring Tradition: Native art at the Glenbow Museum, Calgary

Honouring Tradition: Reframing Native Art at the Glenbow Museum, Calgary February 16th – July 13th, 2008 Frederick R. McDonald, Nêhithawak (Woodland Cree) (1957-) Big Bear’s Dilemma, Paper Promises, 1998. Image: The Glenbow Museum’s new exhibit Honouring Tradition: Reframing Native Art sets traditional and contemporary Native art, side-by-side. Traditional beaded shirts, moccasins and birchbark baskets are displayed alongside artwork by
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