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The Magical City of Suzhou, China

The high-speed train from Shanghai to Suzhou covers about 100 kilometres in 30 minutes and costs around five dollars. It’s a smooth commute, whose efficiency presents an interesting contrast to the long lineups and tight security in both the Shanghai subway and train station, where foreigners have to show their passports to numerous serious-looking officials: the Chinese government certainly puts
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Abacus Lofts

Design Writing: The Rise of the Mid-Rise

I’ve been freelancing in design circles again – here’s a piece I did for the Toronto Star’s Luxury Homes supplement. It’s on the new luxury lower-rise condos that are popping up around established downtown Toronto neighbourhoods. This kind of luxury means fewer neighbours, bigger units often overlooking a park, and convenient access to amenities. I focused on three: ABACUS, ORIGAMI
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News: Jean Nouvel to Design Serpentine Pavilion

The pavilion, which will sit on the lawn of London’s Serpentine Gallery from 5 July – 20 October 2010, is to be designed by world-renowned French architect Jean Nouvel. The pavilion will bright red! Jean Nouvel and his work. Image: The building consists of bold geometric forms, large retractable awnings and a freestanding wall that climbs 12m above the
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Ooh, Edmonton! The New Art Gallery of Alberta

Here are some photos take this past weekend in Edmonton by friend-of-VoCA, Qasim Virjee of Design Guru. For info on the gallery, including The Murder of Crows by Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller as well as Francisco Goya’s infamous print suites: Los Caprichos (1799) and The Disasters of War (1810-1820), which traveled from the National Gallery of Canada, please
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Let’s be Creative with Architectural Destruction

LOATHED: THIS article by Toronto architecture critic Christopher Hume tells of a developer who skirted the law by hiring thugs to deface a building that was slated for heritage protection. Now the building can’t be designated, so he’s able to just tear it down. Gordon Matt-Clark, Conical Intersect, 1974-5. Image: Such little respect for our architectural heritage is astounding.
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News: Serpentine Pavilion Unveiled

This year’s Serpentine Pavilion was unveiled yesterday – it’s the annual temporary architectural commission in the gardens of London’s Serpentine Gallery. This year’s pavilion, seen from above. Image: The pavilion was designed by Kazuyo Sejima & Ryue Nishizawa of SANAA (architects of New York’s New Museum) and will be on view until October 18. Events, lectures and parties will
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The Late, Great Architect Arthur Erickson

VoCA was sad to hear that the excellent Vancouver architect Arthur Erickson – rated by Phyllis Lambert as Canada’s finest – has died. Erickson’s Hugo Eppich House, designed 1979. Image: Take a tour of his wonderful homes and buildings on his comprehensive website, HERE. Erickson’s Graham House, designed in 1962. Image: Read the full obituary, HERE.

News: Peter Zumthor wins Pritzker Prize

The Swiss architect (and VoCA favorite) Peter Zumthor has won the Pritzker Prize for excellence in “talent, vision and commitment” by a living architect. Zumthor’s stunning Therme Spa in Graubünden. Image: Read the full article HERE

News: AGO Revenue Falls Short of Expectations

Any thoughts on this article from today’s Globe and Mail? Facing a huge revenue shortfall, and with too few people passing through its doors, the Art Gallery of Ontario is considering laying off 61 permanent and 47 contract employees next month…. The view from the back. Image: ..Less than three weeks before the end of its fiscal year, AGO
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