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Best Summer Show: Flavio Trevisan

Since I haven’t been away – yet – this summer, my favorite summer show is in Toronto, at one of my favorite galleries. Flavio Trevisan, The Three Dales, 2010. Image: With the mayoral debate gearing up and the fact that Torontonians seem obsessed with urban issues and how to evolve our ward-centric patchwork quilt of a city, this show
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Let’s be Creative with Architectural Destruction

LOATHED: THIS article by Toronto architecture critic Christopher Hume tells of a developer who skirted the law by hiring thugs to deface a building that was slated for heritage protection. Now the building can’t be designated, so he’s able to just tear it down. Gordon Matt-Clark, Conical Intersect, 1974-5. Image: Such little respect for our architectural heritage is astounding.
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