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The Importance of Nature: Art on Film

I’ve been thinking a lot about nature lately. Particularly since the activist fashion designer Vivienne Westwood started promoting a petition “to adopt legislation to prohibit, prevent and pre-empt ecocide – the extensive damage to, destruction of or loss of ecosystems,” in the EU. Susumu Shingu, Luminous River, 2009. Image: Jeanne Bucher. I think we should start a similar petition
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Silver Lake Operations #1

Art & Nature: A Call to Action

With the recent flooding in Calgary, the oil spill in Quebec and heat waves in other parts of the world, there’s been much recent discussion that’s gotten me thinking about our environment. And of course, I like to relate it to visual art. Edward Burtynsky, Silver Lake Operations #1 (Lake Lefroy, Western Australia, 2007) Image: If you look at
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Art in the Garden: Alex Metcalfe, Janet Cardiff at Oakville Galleries

Oakville is almost an hour’s drive outside of downtown Toronto, and Oakville Galleries is one of VoCA’s favorite regional galleries. Gairloch Gardens is a beautiful, lakeside garden on the shores of Lake Ontario that makes the drive to Oakville worth it even without art in the garden. Audiences enjoying the Tree Listening Project. Image: British artist Alex Metcalf’s Tree
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