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In the News: Aga Khan in Don Mills, Harris vs. Thomson & Zaha in Rome

His highness the Aga Khan, with his Order of Canada. Image: 1. His Highness the Aga Khan will participate in the Foundation Ceremony to mark the beginning of the development of the Ismaili Centre, the first-ever Aga Khan Museum for Islamic Art and Culture, and their Park, in Toronto’s Don Mills area. Read more HERE.

VoCA Asks for Your Advice

Ok, ok people, you pummeled VoCA for THIS post, with many comments… Tell VoCA what you want. Image: Some agreed, saying “I feel like this this revulsion I’m experiencing is the desired effect: Trecartin would endeavour to highlight contemporary culture’s more outlandish aspects by combining them all into one loathsome beast” and “bad taste, as well as bad technique
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The Demise of Quality in Craftsmanship

It’s interesting to note, in light of Ryan Trecartin’s films and exhibitions such as the New Museum’s Unmonumental in 2008, that luxury goods makers have come together to lament the loss of quality in craftsmanship seen in recent years. Celine’s resort collection, 2010. Image: “All young people want to be designers and very few, makers. We want to try
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Oh, McQueen….You will be missed.

Some excerpts from a fantastic article on Alexander McQueen: Image: “…anyone who cares about the culture at large — should take note of the death of Alexander McQueen. For every 1,000 so-called designers who pin a piece of jersey around a mannequin and call it fashion, there’s only one McQueen, an explosively imaginative designer…”

Alice Neel on Painting

Whether I’m painting or not, I have this overweening interest in humanity. Even if I’m not working, I’m still analyzing people. -Alice Neel

Art Gallery as Theatre: Goodwater, Toronto

Although it’s the common model, art galleries don’t need to be commercially-driven. In Toronto, many galleries have a hard time, since the market for contemporary work isn’t strong compared to cities like London and New York. The current work by painter Elizabeth McIntosh on view at Goodwater. Image courtesy goodwater gallery. But that’s why alternative models present possibilities that are
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Report from Montreal

VoCA went to Montreal and by far the best thing we saw was Michal Rovner’s wonderful installation Particles of Reality, her first solo exhibition in Canada, at DHC Art Foundation. The exhibition, which opened in May and runs through September 27, begins with the same video works projected onto Petri dishes that the artist showed at the 2005 Venice biennale’s
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VoCA goes to Montreal!

Thomas Kneubühler, installation view: ‘Brise Soleil’ éclairant ‘Mount Hortons’ & ‘The Mountain (Switch)’, “Electric #1″, 2009 and “Electric #3″ , 2009. Image:

An Investors’ Guide to the Art Market from the NYT

The picture is bleak for art bought recently, says the New York Times. At the four auctions that Christie’s and Sotheby’s held in New York this spring, the return on 32 paintings that had been held for less than four years was a negative 16.8 percent. By contrast, the average return for 55 paintings that had been held for more
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Art in the Garden: Alex Metcalfe, Janet Cardiff at Oakville Galleries

Oakville is almost an hour’s drive outside of downtown Toronto, and Oakville Galleries is one of VoCA’s favorite regional galleries. Gairloch Gardens is a beautiful, lakeside garden on the shores of Lake Ontario that makes the drive to Oakville worth it even without art in the garden. Audiences enjoying the Tree Listening Project. Image: British artist Alex Metcalf’s Tree
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