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Fake: Art and Artifice

We’ve been noticing something happening in the city, something slowly seeping into our daily lives without much fanfare. What is it? Simply put, it’s artifice. A real lawn vs. a fake lawn (in January) in Toronto’s Rosedale neighbourhood. Image: VoCA It’s in your parks (fake grass in Douglas Coupland’s new park, down near the lake, and on Rosedale lawns), on
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Dogs Dogs Dogs

Dogs.We’ve been thinking about them a lot lately. Toronto is full of dogs. It’s a very dog-friendly city, aside from the over-salted winter sidewalks, which can be tough on paws. William Wegman, Basic Shapes in Color, 1993. Image: With all the dogs comes bizarre dog owner behaviour. You see more and more people carrying their dogs around, like a
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Art and Terrorism

Today, we noticed a very interesting post on Regina Hackett’s excellent blog, Another Bouncing Ball, out of Seattle. Kris Martin, Mandi VIII, 2006. Image: via another bouncing ball. It discusses how American politicians are negotiating the so-called ‘War on Terror’, coupled with some images of contemporary art that offer varying perspectives on the situation.

More Thoughts on Art Criticism

Tibi Tibi Neuspiel, Lincoln / Booth. Image: For those of you who are interested in the ‘what is art criticism’ debate, there’s recently been a lively discussion among my fellow Canadian bloggers, sparked by THIS post that VoCA wrote a few weeks ago. Check out Gabby Moser’s blog HERE for her thoughts, Jennifer McMackon’s blog Simpleposie HERE, for another
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A Visit with Jason McLean, Toronto

VoCA paid a visit to the home and studio of artist Jason McLean last week. It was a wonderful glimpse inside a truly honest artistic mind. McLean was raised in London Ontario, moved to Vancouver where he attended the Emily Carr College of Art and Design, and has been in Toronto, with his family, since 2008. Jason McLean, world stage
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Christie’s CEO on Art World Recovery, Value & Investment

Edward Dolman, Christie’s International chief executive talks to the Financial Times on art world recovery, the shift eastwards and whether art is still reliable as an asset class: Click HERE to watch the short videos. It’s also interesting to note the relationship between the Rolex ads preceding each clip and the (Rolex?) watch that sits prominently on Dolman’s wrist.

Save Goodwater Gallery!

VoCA is sad to report that one of Toronto’s most unusual and unique galleries will close. Image: Goodwater, a small store-front space on a non-descript stretch of Queen Street at Sherbourne run by John Goodwin, was unique in that it allowed artists to create special projects that they might not have the opportunity to do otherwise. The work wasn’t
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Sculpture in Nature: Richard Serra in King City, Ontario

Last weekend, VoCA went out to King City, just north of Toronto, to look for Shift, Richard Serra’s 1970-72 concrete sculpture that lies almost buried in a field. Richard Serra’s Shift, 1970-72. Image: Scott Barker After mapping it on Google Earth, and figuring out more or less what the closest road was, we parked our car, hopped the fence and
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Art Books: The New Luxury Collectible

With so much writing being done online, books have taken on a precious new meaning. That’s no different in the art book world, or more specifically, the luxury book market as defined by Benedikt Taschen, the German publisher who in 1999 famously published SUMO, a retrospective of the work of iconic photographer Helmut Newton. It was the largest book produced
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Conservative Cultural Spending and Museum Struggles

We’ve wondered about the Conservative Government’s plan for cultural spending for some time now. It has started to seem like a sinister re-evaluation of cultural priorities and this scares VoCA. Ken Lum, What an Idiot. Image: Few people are talking about it, but here is an excellent piece by David Akin in the National Post: “The argument, it seems
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