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June: Wedding Season!

In honour of all the weddings taking place this June (including my own) I thought I would show the most famous wedding painting of them all: The Arnolfini Portrait, painted by the incredibly brilliant Flemish painter Jan van Eyck in 1434 and known to all first year students of art history as an excellent example of symbolism in painting. The
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The End of the Art Fair?

For a while now, VoCA hasn’t been trotting off to art fairs the way we used to. This year, the New York Amory almost went unnoticed to us. But then we noticed that some people, curators, dealers…are choosing to remain home this year, too. New York’s Armory Show. Image: Is it the end of the art fair? A new
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Should VoCA be More Critical?

Dear VoCA readers, Should VoCA be more critical? I’m starting to feel (again) that Toronto is one big artistic love-in, when the fact is that a lot of art being made today is just not very good. (Thank you Jerry Saltz for backing me up on this.) The danger is that really good work is being sidelined at the expense
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The death of art criticism…again

The Guardian digs up the seemingly never-ending debate over the death of art criticism: Read the article HERE Raoul Hausmann, The Art Critic, 1919-1920. Image: The Guardian Art Blog picks up the story with readers comments: Check it out HERE VoCA would love to hear your comments!