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The End of the Art Fair?

For a while now, VoCA hasn’t been trotting off to art fairs the way we used to. This year, the New York Amory almost went unnoticed to us. But then we noticed that some people, curators, dealers…are choosing to remain home this year, too. New York’s Armory Show. Image: Is it the end of the art fair? A new
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Art collecting: The Strong vs. the Weak

This Thursday, Art Basel Miami Beach gets under way, as do the vast number of alternate fairs, and the entire design section that has emerged as a compliment to all the art. It remains to be seen what the effects of the economic downturn will have on the fairs – and the hype. Stay tuned. Tim Noble and Sue Webster,
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Headlines From Around the World Art Market

Since Damien Hirst made a killing in his Sotheby’s sale on the day that the US market dropped, there has been almost universal puzzlement over the future of the contemporary art market. Below are some conflicting headlines about the art market from the past few days – demonstrating that no one really knows what’s going on. Image: The Art
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The Toronto International Art Fair

Le Kick, Yves Tessier, casein on wood, 3.5 x 5.5 inches, 2001-07. $800 at Projex-Mtl at TIAF. Have a quick read of my piece in today’s Globe and Mail on all the things to see, do and purchase at this year’s Art Toronto, which runs October 2 – 6, 2008: Click HERE for my article or click on the thumbnail
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Art Basel 2008

Art Basel 2008: Art Basel, 2008. Image: Read the article from the International Herald Tribune HERE