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The Canadiana Fund & Underrated Canadian Artists: The Regina Five

Have you heard of the Canadiana Fund? Kenneth Lochhead, Saskatchewan Jubilee, 1955. Image: They have, apparently, in Saskatchewan, where collectors from the province have been donating works of art by local artists to the fund, which sees the work displayed in Canada’s official residences. “The fund is also pleased to have works from all of the members of the
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VoCA recommends…Aganetha Dyck & Gathie Falk at Michael Gibson Gallery, London Ontario

Governor General Award winners Gathie Falk (2003) and Aganetha Dyck (2007) at the Michael Gibson Gallery November 30 – December 29, 2007 Aganetha Dyck, work from the honeyflow season, 2007. Image: Gathie Falk, 30 Grapefruit. Image: Perhaps best known for her collaborative work with live honeybees, Dyck’s most recent practice focuses on the Queen Bee, by placing ordinary
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