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Well, well, well…Harper Government ‘Repairs’ Arts Cuts Damage

Check out this article on how Prime Minister Stephen Harper is trying to repair the damage caused by his cultural slash-and-burn: “The new funding will reportedly include $100 million for arts festivals, music, and comedy across the country and $60 million for the Cultural Spaces Canada program, which constructs and maintains theaters, museums, and other cultural buildings….” Hmm….Mr. Nice Guy?
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The Cuts Continue to Canadian Cultural Programs

In case you missed it, here’s a link to the latest on the Canadian culture cuts – from today’s Globe and Mail: “The Tories are committed to cutting $44.8-million in spending on arts and culture by April of 2010…” Click HERE for an article that basically amounts to a long list of cultural programs to be cut. Yesterday, VoCA spoke
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National Post says: Cut Government Arts Funding

Marni Soupcoff on Canada’s biggest mistake: The $7.5-billion that Canadian governments lavish on the arts every year Image: Marni Soupcoff from the National Post thinks that the Canadian government should stop funding the arts altogether. After all, “Let’s be honest — who makes up the majority of the audiences of symphonies, art galleries and ballets? It’s middle-class and rich
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