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Maria Fernanda Cardoso: Emu Wear

Check out my article in this month’s issue of Azure magazine, on the incredible Emu feather concoctions by Colombian artist Maria Fernanda Cardoso. One of Maria Fernanda Cardoso’s Emu Wear pieces. Image: Cardoso decided to investigate the Emu – the Australian, ostrich-like bird – as a way of relating to her new homeland, Australia. She began with feather sculptures
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Joshua Prince Ramus: “Constraints are the Mother of Invention”

Architect Joshua Prince-Ramus. Image: On Friday, we went to hear Joshua Prince-Ramus, the president of REX Architects in New York, speak at Toronto’s Interior Design Show, for the Azure-sponsored talks. Prince-Ramus is an excellent and passionate speaker, who previously worked with Rem Koolhaas.  He is also an architect who – like Koolhaas –  clearly revels in the constraints imposed
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