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VoCA Loves GG Michaëlle Jean: Connecting Citizens to the Arts!

VoCA loves our GG.  She understands the value of arts and culture.  Last week in Montreal, Governor General Michaëlle Jean gave this statement: “Culture must be able to express itself everywhere and always, and be accessible to as many people as possible, for it bears within it our choices, our hopes, our memory and our imagination.” I See What You
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A lost opportunity for Toronto’s Arts and Culture

It’s frustrating that the powers that be in Toronto seem to have such little interest in placing value on arts and culture. A billboard by the Economist. The light is triggered by a motion sensor. Image: Sure, we’ve got Nuit Blanche and the amazing Luminato festival, both of which are truly wonderful, but when it comes to an innovative
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Less Billboards, More Art! Please Support This Cause

This just in from the Department of Culture, a community of artists and arts professionals who organized themselves in the wake of the Harper Government’s brutal cuts to the arts in the past year, in order to ensure “the social and cultural health and prosperity of our nation in the face of a Federal Government that is aggressively undermining the
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