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In Search of Excellence: Raising the Bar for Artistic Output

Check out my article in the new aggregate news website The Mark News – it’s about why cities, and Toronto in particular, need to develop a culture of excellence. It’s because whether cities are great or mediocre has a significant effect on quality of life for citizens. And cities that pursue excellence end up with a highly developed, sophisticated cultural
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Canadian Art Today: Circa 1970

“With their artists competing on an international stage, Canadians can no longer complain of their country as a cultural backwater nor luxuriate in the nostalgic charm of provincialism. In art as in political, social and economic activities, Canada is fully involved in the world of today,” – Dr. R. H. Hubbard, former Chief Curator of the National Gallery of Canada.
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Toronto: Multi-Perspective Art

Chamber Music: Mixed media works by Kenny Lee August 12 – 23, 2009 Launch Projects, Toronto We’ve been noticing, over the past few years, that more artists are looking at objects from varying perspectives. Barbara Probst, “Exposure #34A: N.Y.C., Central Park, Umpire Rock, 06.14.05, 6:34 p.m. ,” 2005. Image: Barbara Probst’s excellent photographs tackle an event from numerous points
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