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The Guardian: Criticism Starts with Love and Hate

Well, we’re pleased to see that critical debate is alive and well across the pond. Witness the Guardian’s art critic, Jonathan Jones, who says that “The truth is that overanalysing art, as opposed to intuitively rating it, carries its own dangers. You can convince yourself of anything by study and sympathy.” Jones’ article in the Guardian. Image: VoCA The article
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Restoring Art: Veronese’s Petrobelli Altarpiece

Paolo Veronese and the Petrobelli Altarpiece 29 MAY – 7 SEPTEMBER 2009 The National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa Paolo Veronese, The Petrobelli Altarpiece (reconstruction). Image: If you’ve ever wondered about how paintings are restored, there’s a great video on the National Gallery of Canada website where Stephen Gritt, Chief Conservator explains the history of Veronese’s The Dead Christ Supported
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