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Toronto: Daniel Libeskind Set to Strike Again

Given the recent kerfuffle over Toronto’s Royal Ontario Museum being voted worst of the decade’s architecture by the Washington Post, VoCA would love to have your thoughts on the new condo that Daniel Libeskind is designing for downtown Toronto: And a daylight shot. Image: WE FOUND AN IMAGE OF A MORE RECENT RENDERING – it’s the one on the
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Loved: Bruno Billio + Gaetano Pesce

Bruno Billio, Samba Mochet, 2002. Image courtesy the artist. We love this sculpture by Toronto artist Bruno Billio.  It’s made from a carpet and 2 pairs of old Adidas Samba trainers.  It’s very suggestive, it’s funny, it’s sculptural and it’s simple.  We love how Billio is always re-thinking the most common materials. Only an Italian would have made it.

Toronto: General Idea Returns!

The 1984 Miss General Idea Pavillion The Art Gallery of York University, Toronto September 15 – 6 December, 2009 This fall, in Toronto, General Idea comes back from the dead: In an attempt to resurrect Toronto’s oft-forgotten cultural history, the Art Gallery of York University is going to reconstruct The 1984 Miss General Idea Pavillion, a work by Canadian art
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Art on Television

We heard the rumours, we knew it was just a matter of time…before another art-themed reality tv series hit the airwaves. This time, Sarah Jessica Parker is producing, not that that makes it seem any less like the typical, American-idol style competitive program. 13 artist contestants will compete for a gallery exhibition, a cash prize and a sponsored national tour.