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Ai Wei Wei: “Everything is art. Everything is politics”

There’s no doubt that Chinese dissident artist Ai Wei Wei is a game changing artist. In fighting for freedom of expression in his homeland of China alongside several other artists, he has drawn the world’s attention to the importance of art and the ability to create. That’s huge. Ai Wei Wei, Study of Perspective, 1995 – ongoing. Images: All VoCA
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Authentic Painting: Nikola Nikola, Toronto

Now that the contemporary art world has reached a point where even Damien Hirst seems tired of his own hype (he recently was quoted as saying “I don’t like conceptual art in the end…I’ve always thought that being a painter was better than being an artist or a sculptor“) and with the recent financial upheaval, we predict a turn away
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The Role of the (Art) Critic

There’s an interesting piece in the Guardian on the future of theatre criticism, HERE. The role of the (art) critic is on our mind quite often (naturally) and one of the comments on the article – reproduced below – raises some good questions: Putting the purpose, form and teaching of theatre criticism under the microscope is absolutely vital, but before
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A Performance, A Screening & 2 Talks

TORONTO 2 of 2 Gallery Jeremy Bailey: Machine Ego Saturday, March 14, 6-7 pm Jeremy Bailey, still from VideoPaint 3.0. Image: For his first solo show at 2 of 2 Gallery, Jeremy presents some of his most recent works including Video Terraform Dance Party, VideoPaint 3.0 and SOS, alongside new works. In these new videos Bailey continues his research
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