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Book Review: Christopher Pratt: Six Decades by Tom Smart

Christopher Pratt is widely acknowledged as an important Canadian painter, but he has long been viewed in the shadow of his better-known East Coast compatriot, Alex Colville. This gorgeously designed book seeks to redress the imbalance with a thoughtful journey examining almost the entirety of Pratt’s artistic practice. Christopher Pratt, Four White Boats: Canadian Gothic, 2002. Image: Read the
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Book review: Leonardo and the Last Supper by Ross King

Among Leonardo da Vinci’s writing and journals, one note in particular reveals his genius: his desire to paint “Man, and the intention of his mind.” Da Vinci’s constant search for new ways to reveal the world through art defined the Renaissance and set an artistic standard for centuries to come. Ross King’s excellent examination of one of da Vinci’s undisputed
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Art Books: A Collector’s Bookshelf Part Two

Collector of art and art books (and friend of VoCA) Bill Clarke continues his tour of his bookshelves: A Young Man of Extraordinary Personal Beauty by Gareth Jones/Oscar Wilde; 2007 4. A YOUNG MAN OF EXTRAORDINARY PERSONAL BEAUTY by Gareth Jones; 2007. Published by Four Corners Press, London. This book is the first in a series of classic British novels
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