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Cindy Sherman, Lady Gaga and the Process of Self-Design

Cindy Sherman, the American artist known for her Untitled Film Stills, 1977–1980 and subsequent self-portraits in which she transforms herself, through hair, makeup, prosthetics and costume, into various female characters from the seductive to the grotesque, is all about disguise. Cindy Sherman for MAC Cosmetics. Image: She’s been working this way for decades and is one of America’s best-known
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VoCA Recommends…Art Power by Boris Groys

We read this book last year, and are now are using it as a reading in a critical writing class. It engages some fascinating questions about art, and criticism. Boris Groys writes, in his excellent book Art Power: “In place of the critic in the name of society arose social critique in the name of art: The artwork doesn’t form
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